The Camps

Rocky Mountain Youth Camps

  • Rocky Mountain Youth Camp #1 - June 8-13, 2020
  • Rocky Mountain Youth Camp #2 - June 22-27, 2020
  • Rocky Mountain Youth Camp #3 - June 29-July 3. 2020

Ages: 7-12

Rocky Mountain Youth Camps are the staple camps at High Peak Camp, offering a host of exciting activities and electives for the campers to enjoy. Rocky Mountain Youth Camps sessions last five days, beginning on Monday afternoons and ending Saturday mornings. The Campers spend their days continuously engaged in activities like hiking, arts & crafts, climbing wall, and field games. Every day we host chapel sessions that proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and give our campers the opportunity to learn more about who God is.

Salvation Army Youth (SAY) Camp

  • SAY Camp - June 15-20, 2020

Ages: 7-17

SAY camp is our one week camp specifically for those youth who attend various Salvation Army programs. Many of our SAY Campers either attend a Salvation Army Corps or are members of a Salvation Army Youth Group. During the week the youth have several opportunities to grow in their faith, learn more about God and develop new friendships. They will also have a fun, exciting week experiencing new activities and God in a new way. This camp runs along the same schedule as the Rocky Mountain Youth Camps, but in place of electives the campers have a chance to earn Sunbeam, Girl Guard and Adventure Corps emblems.

Music & Worship Arts Camp

  • Music & Worship Arts Camp - July 9-17, 2020

Ages: 10-17

The Salvation Army's music ministry teaches children how to read music and play brass instruments, while emphasizing the importance of God's love and learning to use musical talent as part of Christian life. Whether it's playing in a Salvation Army band on Sunday morning, or volunteering to play your trombone outside a Salvation Army kettle at Christmas time, The Salvation Army music ministries combine musical and spiritual excellence.

This eight-day camp provides everything from basic music instruction for beginners to advanced skill building for more experienced singers and players. In addition, students learn theory, vocal, instrumental, drama and related skills. As with local music groups, Music Camp also provides an extended opportunity for spiritual and social growth.

Wilderness Camp

  • Wilderness Camp #1 - June 8-13, 2020
  • Wilderness Camp #2 - June 15-20, 2020
  • Wilderness Camp #3 - June 22-27, 2020
  • Wilderness Camp #4 - June 29-July 3. 2020
  • Wilderness Camp #5 (SE Campers) - July 20-25, 2020

Ages: 13-17

Wilderness Camp is for any teen who wants to experience an exciting outdoor camping week that involves hiking, cooking outdoors, rock climbing, and sleeping in tents. During this excited five-night program, camp will also focus on spiritual growth, developing teamwork skills, and appreciation of the outdoor environment. At least two of the five nights will be involving low impact outdoor camping in sleeping bags and tents. Due to the high energy level of this camp program, we encourage parents to discuss with their teens the potential physically strenuous activities that will take place. Camp Staff will constantly watch for any medical or heath concerns and will not require any camper to do something that would be harmful for them.